Serambi Tarbawi

Serambi Tarbawi: Jurnal Studi Pemikiran, Riset dan Pengembangan Pendidikan Islam, P-ISSN: 2303-2014; E-ISSN: 2723-1143. Published by the Faculty of Islamic Religion, Universitas Serambi Mekkah. This journal is published 2 times of year (January and July). This journal is an open-access journal, peer-reviewed journal that will consider any original scientific article that expands the field of study in Islamic pedagogy and various other related education issues. This journal is publishing original empirical research articles and theoretical reviews covering all aspects of Islamic Education. The main aims are to promote best-practices in advancing sustainable Islamic education and highlight research key-findings to develop a better Islamic education.

Vol 12, No 1 (2024): Jurnal Serambi Tarbawi

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Nurkhalis Muchtar