Faktor-faktor yang Mempengaruhi Mahasiswa dalam Memilih FKIP Ekonomi di Universitas Syiah Kuala

Musfiana Musfiana, Zakaria Zakaria, Nur Aina


This study aims to determine the factors that affect students in choosing FKIP Economic, where these factors are the reasons or considerations of students in choosing FKIP Economics and how students’ achievements for one semester based on the reason they chosed FKIP Economics. This research uses qualitative approach with descriptive research type. The population is all students of Economic Education Studies Program at FKIP Unsyiah, and student of the 2010/2011 academic year (odd semester) were taken as the sample with a certain consideration of 54 students. Data collection techniques that being used are literature review, questionnaires and documentation. The obtained data is processed by using statistical formula that is percentage. The result of the research shows that there are various reasons for the students in choosing FKIP Economics. First, because of their own desire (53.70%), encouragement from parents (22.22%), due to self-interest and encouragement from parents (11.11%), Because the advice from the teachers (1.85%), due to misplaced selection (9.26%) and the reason of better than being unemployed (1.85%). While the student achievement index is based on the reasons for choosing FKIP Economics because of their own desires, most of them have GPAs under 1.50 and only a small group haveGPAs ≥ 3.00. Next for reasons of encouragement from parents, most of them have GPAs of 1.50 - 1.99, and no one has GPAs ≥ 3.00. Furthermore, for reasons of self-interest and parental encouragement, most of them have GPAs below 1.50 and only a small group has GPAs ≥ 3.00. Furthermore, on the grounds of advice from teachers there is only one student with GPA ≥ 3.00. Next based on the wrong reason select (stray) most of their GPAs are 1.50 - 1.99 and only a small part group have GPA under 1.50. Further on the grounds of the unemployed from the lecture there is only one student with GPA 2.00 - 2.49.

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