Efektivitas Penyuluhan Kesehatan terhadap Penurunan Tingkat Kecemasan Pasien Preoperatif di RSUD Cut Nyak Dhien Meulaboh

Anasril Anasril, Muhammad Husaini


Anxiety is an emotional state without a specific object and subjective experience of the individual and cannot be observed and seen directly. The results of interviews with nurses on duty in the Surgical Ward of Cut Nyak Hospital Dhien Meulaboh, obtained information that in general patients who will undergo surgery experience anxiety with different levels, both mild, moderate and severe. The nurse also stated that some patients had experienced surgical delays caused by changes in vital signs that were very striking due to severe anxiety such as excessive sweating, palpitations, increased blood pressure, rapid pulse, rapid breathing, difficult to concentrate and difficult to concentrate and insomnia. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of health education on reducing anxiety levels in Preoperative patients at Cut Nyak Dhien Meulaboh General Hospital. This type of research is an experimental study with One Group pretest-posttest, the sample method used is accidental sampling, amounting to 33 people, with the statistical test used is Wilcoxon test. The results showed that there was an effect of health education on the decrease in anxiety levels in preoperative patients at the Cut Nyak Dhien Meulaboh Regional General Hospital, with a value of Z = 4,547 (Z> 1.96) and a value of p = 0.001 (p <0.05). It was suggested to the Cut Nyak Hospital Dhien Meulaboh to provide support to nurses whose duty was to always provide health education related to the operation to be undertaken.
Keywords: Health Counseling, Anxiety Level, Pre Operation

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