Cyberbullying pada Akun Instagram @marshanda99

Anis Endang


This study was conducted to see how social media presence has brought a shift in the phenomenon of bullying becomes cyberbullying. Reach a wider social media makes bullying addressed to someone (especially someone known in the community) carried out in a broader scope. Bullying and cyber bullying can cause interference in the form of physical or psychological like stress, low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression in victims. This research was conducted by examining the types of cyber bullying are classified by Williard. Subjects were instagram account @ Marshanda99. The results showed that the causes of cyber bullying on Marshanda was his decision to take off the hijab and the news about the bipolar disorder suffered.  While the types of cyber bullying is done is harassment, flaming, and denigration.


Cyberbullying, Instagram, veil, Marshanda

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