Peningkatan Kompetensi Profesional Guru dengan Supervisi akademik pada SMA Negeri 1 Blangjerango Gayo Lues

Ali Akbar


Academic supervision series of activities to help teachers develop their abilities in managing learning process for the achievement of learning objective goals. This research aims to know how to plan, execute and obstacles academic supervision by the principal in improving the professional competence of teachers in SMA N 1 Blangjerango Kab. Gayo Lues. The way in which to answer the problem was be done et research school through two treatment cycles. As for the instrument used for collecting the required data comprise two aspect of a lesson planning assessment which cousists of ten components and implementation of learning which consists of three components. Data analysis results show that average value of instructional administration increased also in the implementation of learning to improve the ability of the teachers can be proven from the result of cycle I and cycle II show the average value 69,5  and 77,5  as well as an increase cycle I an cycle II of 1`2 %. Then the ability of teachers in implementing learning from cycle I and cycle II get the average value 66,3 and 75,9  as well as an increase of 14 %. Data above a proof to declave after the guidance of teachers can improve understanding in solving and implementing learning. Targets in the planning of academic supervision of principal are the ability of teachers to manage learning, start from plan and axecute. The implementation of academic supervision is done first communicate to the teachers, done twice in one semester. Academic supervision techniques are used are class visits and teacher meetings. Barries to academic supervision are the existence of external activities that are suddens, so that the supervision schedule that has been in the previos stacking is also distrupted, teachers who are unable to attend the scheduled class visit. Supervised teachers were scared and awkward while being supervised. There are still some teachers who do not master information and communication technology.
Key words : academic supervision and competence of  professional teachers.

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