Analisa Kualitas Air Sumur Pemukiman Kumuh Gampong Beurawe Kota Banda Aceh

Bahagia Bahagia, Irda Yunita, Ruslin Ruslin


This study aims to analyze the level of water pollution, the factors causing water pollution
and to know how to minimize the level of water pollution wells in Gampong Beurawe Kuta Alam
District Banda Aceh. Water quality analysis in this research was conducted by comparing parameters
measured with water quality standard parameters in accordance with the provisions of Minister of
Health Regulation No. 492 / Menkes / Per / IV / 2010 on the Terms of Water Quality. The sample of
this research is well water taken in 5 hamlets (A, B, C, D and E) in Gampong Beurawe Kuta Alam
Sub-district for 5 samples (each 1 sample for each hamlet). The results of measurements on 5 samples
showed that the well water was odorless, the standard temperature, normal color, TSS and E coli
did not exceed the maximum standard of drinking water. For the total parameter of coliform, only 1
hamlet is B hamlet which meet the standard that is equal to 47/100 ml. Dusun A, C, D and E, total
coliform content did not meet the standard that is equal to 68, 70 and 86/100 ml, so that water wells in
4 hamlets are not in accordance with Permenkes Number 492 / Menkes / Per / IV / 2010 about Quality
Terms Clean water. Beurawe well water pollution is mostly caused by household wastewater, small
industry and waste of trading activities


Wells Water Pollution, Slums, Gampong Beurawe

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