Analisis Pengelolaan Air Bekas Wudhu’ Jamaah Mesjid Jamik Lambaro Kabupaten Aceh Besar

Bahagia Bahagia, Muhammad Nizar


Used water has the potential to be processed and recycled based on its continuous volume
and quality that allows processing in place. The need for the importance of water is not balanced
with consciousness to conserve water, so that many sources of water are polluted by human actions
themselves. The purpose of this study is to determine the level of waste water usage of ablution
activities, to know the performance of water treatment using ablution water through a combination
of slow sand filter; and analyze the content of BOD5, E.colli / total coliform, pH and ablution water
temperature. This research took samples at Jamik Lambaro Mosque, Regency of Aceh Besar, then
tested in Environmental Engineering Laboratory of Environment of Serambi Mekkah University. The
results showed that the use of ablution water increased at the time of five daily prayers, especially on
Friday reached 1,579 people with the use of water ablution reached 4747 liters. Currently, there is no
water treatment for the former Mosque of Jami’ Lambaro Mosque, the waste water is dumped into
the mosque’s drainage ditch. Based on ablution water treatment with sand combination has decrease
efficiency of BOD5 equal to 95%. The results of laboratory tests showed that the BOD5 content of
17 mg / l, its value under the standard quality of 50 mg / l. E.colli / total coliform that is 0 from 100
ml that meets the quality standard in accordance with Kep.Men LH RI No. 5 year 2014. The result of
temperature / temperature analyst is 28,9 oC and pH is 7,34


Water used, processed, water ablution, sand filter, waste water


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